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Undercover Series

BK1 Taking A risk E-Book Cover.png

Perfect For Me

Book One

They say love comes in all forms.

The city of Pittsburgh keeps its streets safe, partly thanks to Lt. Grady Rivers. The police officer is fiercely intelligent who specializes in undercover operations. It is this set of skills that are sought by New York’s finest. Grady is thrown from his hometown onto the New York City underworld in order to stop one of the largest drug rings in the northeast. The NYPD task him with uncovering the identity of the organization’s mysterious leader, Dean. It will take all of his cunning to stop this deadly drug lord.

Danger lurks around every corner and comes in many shapes. While undercover, he meets a beauty named Lara. An equally intelligent woman and twice as fearless, she works for a local drug dealer who has ties to the organization. Their sorted pasts have these two become close, and soon they develop feelings for one another. But this is not a “Romeo and Juliet” love story, as the star-crossed lovers fight to survive the deadly streets. Grady treads the thin line between the love he feels for her, and his duties as an officer.

Will he get in too deep?

Perfect for Me is book 1 of the Undercover Series. It will end on a cliff hanger

BK2 Safety In Numbers E-Book Cover.png

Perfect for You

Book Two

The world is perfect...

After his undercover operation resulted in two bullets ripping through his body, Lt. Grady Rivers is more determined than ever to see the case through. Despite the objections of Commissioner Baxton, Grady wants to go back undercover to apprehend the drug kingpin, Dean. Except his only lead to the man happens to suspect him of being a police officer. Now Grady has to convince Lara he is not an undercover cop. To do so, he will have to put his morals aside for the sake of duty.
While Lara is suspicious of who Grady is, she's also conflicted by her attraction to him. Feeling betrayed after he was outed for being a cop, she cannot help be resentful. She'll act as the direct pipeline to Dean to test Grady with various jobs to show that he is not indeed the good boy in blue.
The love they feel for each other will be tested in this blood pumping sequel as Grady moves closer to finding out who Dean really is.
But will he have to sacrifice himself to finish the job?

BK3 Pretend You're Mine E-Book Cover.png

Perfect for Us

Book Three

The world isn't so perfect...

Lt. Grady Rivers is more determined than ever to find the drug kingpin, Dean.
Grady's cover is blown, he's at risk of losing his job and his hearts been ripped apart by the beautiful, mysterious Lara.
Despite the downward spiral of events, he's more determined than ever to stop the self-named "Dean'. He doesn't have a choice, the woman he loves might be Dean's next victim and even though her life's at risk, she's not talking.

She might be the only person able to help the NYC police stop the kingpin. However, she distrusts the police as much as her boss.

Will Grady be able to convince her to help him, that he's on the right side, and that his heart belongs to her before it's too late?

Find out in this blood pumping finale as Grady moves closer to finding out who Dean really is. But when he does, will he be to finish his job or will he forget right from wrong? Not everything is always black and white.

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