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Undercover Boss Series

BK1 Taking A risk E-Book Cover.png


Book One

Be the player, not the piece…

Adam Miller is just your average billionaire CEO of one of the largest tech and marketing companies in the country.

Katie Walters is just the PI he hires to figure out how one of his employees is stealing money from the company accounts.

But when they agree to go undercover together in one of his satellite offices, they're signing a contract neither of them fully understands. Their first meeting is electric, and before long, they're fighting a mutual attraction that they both know is a bad idea. When that attraction gets the better of them, they find themselves facing two problems:
1. You don't have sex with your boss—or the woman you've hired as your PI, and
2. Their attraction toward each other might just mean the thief ends up getting away.

BK2 Safety In Numbers E-Book Cover.png


Book Two

Who's the New Guy…

Katie Walters and Adam Miller have one mission: Find the person stealing millions of dollars from Adam's company, and get them behind bars.

They've gone to the Houston branch of his company and donned personas as regular employees, hoping to get a breakthrough, but when their first suspect doesn't pan out, it looks like they'd failed.

Now they have a list of three more suspects, all of them equally guilty. The problem is, one of them is Katie's new best friend.

The other problem is Katie and Adam's growing attraction for each other—and their unwillingness to play by the rules when it comes to an employee dating her boss.

Distracted by their mounting feelings and always a step behind the thief, the two would-be partners find themselves once again about to miss out on their suspect… and fall deeper into the complicated love story that is starting to dominate their lives.

Be the player, not the piece...

BK3 Pretend You're Mine E-Book Cover.png


Book Three

Who's the New Guy…

Katie Walters and Adam Miller have gone back to New York City with one goal, and only one goal: Find whoever is stealing money from Adam's company, and find them now.

Even better, they've got a contact in the city who claims he knows who the thief is.

But when that contact won't give them the information they need, and Katie starts turning up files that make it look like Adam himself might be involved, things start getting really complicated.

Will their budding relationship survive them solving this case? Or will it send them running to opposite corners, never to speak again?

Be the player, not the piece...

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