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The Sea Cottage

BK1 Taking A risk E-Book Cover.png

Surging Tide

Book One

Sometimes, one must go against the tide…

Gabriella – Gabby for short – desperately needs a holiday. She's worked way too hard, just lost her father and wants a break. From everything. She books a stay at a picturesque cottage by the sea. No phone, no internet, no neighbors – just books, a bottle of wine and the beach. A month without distraction and a chance to find herself again.

Until a hunk of a guy suddenly shows up catching her sunbathing in her birthday suit. The man is hot as sin. Jake Wolfe is cocky and stubborn too.

Double booked. Double trouble.

Stuck on an island with a stranger, they try to make the best of it, but get on each other's nerves. When a drunken night leads to steamy passion, they realize something's brewing, and like the unpredictability of stormy weather, things could get rough.

BK2 Safety In Numbers E-Book Cover.png

Distant Shores

Book Two

Sometimes, one must go against the tide…

Gabby Kingston is back home in LA and trying to forget about Jake Wofle, the man she left on the island. She feels bad for leaving without saying goodbye, but thinks it was for the best.

When she gets a letter from him inviting her to come back to the island in six months for another month-long visit, she's torn.

Jake is back home, waiting for news about Gabby. His ex-wife has sued him again and offers to drop the lawsuit if he'll get back together with her.

Will Gabby make the decision to reunite with Jake to see where things might go between them?

BK3 Pretend You're Mine E-Book Cover.png

Twisting Ocean

Book Three

You can't stop the waves…

Jake Wolfe has been arrested for hitting his ex-wife despite his innocence. Gabby vows to stand by him and reveal the truth.

After getting him out of jail, she has to go home to LA. They maintain a long distance relationship while he works through his legal troubles. When the truth is finally revealed, Gabby and Jake think they can finally be together.

Everything changes when Jake's ex goes after Gabby, and then Jake in a violent attack.

Will they get through this attempt from his ex to break them up, or will love have the strength to carry them through it?

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