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The City Of Mayhem Series

BK1 Taking A risk E-Book Cover.png

True Mayhem

Book One


Rule #1: Never be #2

One city. Two rival families.

The Donahues have run Albion for generations, ruling the criminal underworld with an iron fist. The O'Malley family fights to take the city for themselves. Their crimes are an open secret.

Conrad Donahue is the youngest son of the city's most brutal crime lord. Yet he resents having to walk in his father's footsteps. As the younger son, nobody expects him to rise and make a name for himself. When his cousin is murdered he's ordered to avenge his family against their enemies, the O'Malleys. Conrad is ready to follow orders, but when he realizes that he has to eliminate gorgeous, sexy Selene O'Malley he does the unthinkable and spares her life.

As the only daughter of a notorious mob boss, Selene O'Malley is as ruthless as she is beautiful. She hates the Donahues for what they did to her father, and she'll have her revenge, along with the power to claim the city. Only one man stands in her way—broodingly handsome Conrad Donahue, the man who spares her life. Furious that she owes her life to her sworn enemy, Selene is duty-bound to return the favor.

The attraction between them is undeniable, but their families are at war. Being together risks certain death. Conrad was never meant to be a crime boss. Selene has to prove that she can rule in a man's world. All they have in common is their desire for the other, and soon they'll have to make a choice between their hearts and family honor.

BK2 Safety In Numbers E-Book Cover.png

Relentless Chaos

Book Two


Rule #1: Never be #2

One city. Two rival families.

The Donahues are the richest, most powerful family in the city of Albion. Their rivals, the O'Malleys, are the most dangerous. Both sides want to rule the city's criminal underworld, but only one family can win.

Since childhood, Selene O'Malley has been taught that it is her destiny to topple the Donahues and take over the city. As she works to expand her father's criminal empire, that destiny is within reach. All she has to do is destroy her enemies. Except, when Conrad Donahue is shot on her doorstep, Selene can't bring herself to let him die. Even if the cost is her chance to rule Albion.

Conrad Donahue manages to survive a shooting thanks to the daughter of his family's bitter enemy. As he recovers Conrad's feelings for her grow, and he knows that the only way to cool his desire for her is if she warms his bed. He knows that Selene wants him, but the most ruthless woman he has ever met will never admit to anything.

With a cold-blooded assassin out to get them, Conrad and Selene will have to find a way to work together to stop their common enemy before he strikes again. Putting aside old hatreds won't be nearly as hard as letting go of their desires.

And getting a mob princess like Selene to surrender to him will be the most dangerous challenge that Conrad has ever faced.

BK3 Pretend You're Mine E-Book Cover.png

Broken Disorder

Book Three


Rule #1: Never be #2

One city. Two rival families.

For years the O'Malley crime family has fought to topple their rivals through cunning, deceit, and turf wars. So far, the Donahues have proven to be too powerful to take down.

Caught in a stalemate, it looks like neither family can turn the tide until an enemy they didn't see coming threatens to expose all their dark secrets.

Selene O'Malley has spent years fighting to win Albion's criminal underworld for her family and she'll do whatever it takes to succeed. Even if that means she has to consider murder to keep her secrets buried. Forming an alliance with her sworn enemy is against the rules. So is sleeping with him. Now that she's given him her body, she can't dare give him her heart as well. Her only choice is to pretend she feels nothing for Conrad because if anyone finds out that he is her weakness, Selene's chance to take power will come crashing down.

As the youngest son of a crime boss, Conrad Donahue knows his place in the underworld's hierarchy. Breaking the rules won't be tolerated.

Crossing his father is a death sentence. If he wants to live, he'll have to take his secrets to his grave. Except now, a deranged criminal claiming to be his long-lost brother threatens to expose Conrad and reveal the one truth that cannot get out. Not only is Conrad sleeping with his enemy's daughter, he's also falling for her.

With Selene hiding her true feelings and Conrad fighting to keep their relationship a secret they don't stand a chance. But fortunes change in the city of Albion and desire can be more powerful than a feud between families.

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