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Taboo Wedding Series

BK1 Taking A risk E-Book Cover.png

He Loves Me Not

Book One

"We crave what we can't have…

When you have a chance to plan the wedding of all weddings, falling for the gorgeous groom is out of the question. How does one ignore the sparks, the attraction, and the forbidden fruit right in front of them?

Trying to keep her head down, Lilac Freesia (yes, her mother had a bad sense of humor) just wants to get the job done and pretend she doesn't feel anything.

Except, what if she can't walk away from the job of a lifetime—or the man of her dreams?

"But you can't control who you love."

BK2 Safety In Numbers E-Book Cover.png

With This Ring

Book Two

"We crave what we can't have…"

A tropical storm-level romance swirls back to the East Coast. Raymond and Violet find themselves back in Manhattan, caught up in the love they have found for one another.

Tensions are high, and not the good kind. The real world waiting for them isn't as happy to accept their union. Ray's parents are irate. No one approves of Violet. And the worst part of it all is that Ray's career is being threatened by a force that refuses to be unseen. A force that threatens to tank Ray's career as well as Violet's.

Raymond is torn between his family and Violet. She is torn between her happiness and Ray's. And when storms collide, they never mix.

One always wins out, in the end.

"But you can't control who you love."

BK3 Pretend You're Mine E-Book Cover.png

Happily Ever After

Book Three

"We crave what we can't have…"

Can a contract sink a relationship? That's the question running around in Raymond Rose's mind. As he sits in his ivory tower, the questions runs through his mind. In everyone's eyes, he has everything. He's the CEO of his family's company. He's got more wealth than ever before. He's the hottest bachelor on the market. And yet, he longs and pines over the one thing he doesn't have.

Violet Freesia.

A contract is tearing them apart, but Raymond can't stand it. He tries to let go. Tries to forget it. But, he can't. Despite the binding document and despite his parent's wishes for his world, Violet invades his thoughts. His dreams. His soul.

He has to get her back, no matter what it costs him.

And it very well could cost him everything.

"But you can't control who you love."

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