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My Bestfriend's Sister Series

BK1 Taking A risk E-Book Cover.png

Hometown Calling

Book One

"Little sister don't you do what your big sister does…"

HIM: It's my best friend's wedding, and I'm more than happy to be a groomsman. The only thing is, my best friend is the bride. And we used to be more than friends. The groom isn't exactly stoked to have me there, either, so the deck is already stacked against me. And that's before I see that her little sister has grown up and become a knockout. She's forbidden. So why can't I stop myself?

HER: He never spared me a glance in high school. He keeps telling me all the reasons why we shouldn't, but I'd like nothing better than showing him exactly why we should. I know I can't have him, so why do I want him so bad?

BK2 Safety In Numbers E-Book Cover.png

A Perfect Moment

Book Two

"Little sister don't you do what your big sister does…"

The wedding is over, and the bride's off to her honeymoon. But, feelings still linger between the bride's best friend and the bride's sister.

With Mel out of the picture, Chase and Mira are free to explore their relationship. Free to explore the connection between them. Free to explore what might be between them after a passionate, torrid affair during a whirlwind wedding week.

Until the sister comes home, proclaiming her marriage is over.

BK3 Pretend You're Mine E-Book Cover.png

Thrown in Together

Book Three

"Little sister don't you do what your big sister does…"

Unraveling lies.

Hidden love.

A handsy boss that needs to learn his place.

The shadows continue devouring Chase and Mira as they struggle to keep their love afloat. As the ocean of drama is swallowing them whole, Mira begins questioning everything. Can Chase convince her to stay? Can he prove to her that their love is enough for now? Or will Mira's sister and the smoldering gaze of her boss be their downfall?

Love is dangerous in the best possible way.

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