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MC Devils Series

BK1 Taking A risk E-Book Cover.png


Book One

Pain will leave, once it has finished teaching you...
I never had a real home.

My parents never wanted a kid so I left home early… and landed with Blake 'Devil' Davis and his motorcycle club. I stayed, because though it wasn't a home, exactly, it was at least a safe landing place. Until Devil accused me of cheating on him that ended with beating.

When I saw the chance to escape, I did.

And that was when I found Knight. Another MC president, another warrior, but nothing like Devil. He picked me up off the road when I needed help and took me back to his headquarters, and though I knew I was taking a big risk trusting him, something about him told me I could.

Was it his dark eyes, full of questions rather than accusation?
The way his hair spiked up at the back, like he just couldn't control it?

Just because I found someone who feels like home, that doesn't mean I'm not brining chaos with me.

I don't know if either of us is going to live long enough to figure out what this thing is between us… or if we're going to die trying to keep me out of Devil's hands and in Knight's bed.

BK2 Safety In Numbers E-Book Cover.png


Book Two

We come from ruins,

But we are not ruined…

After a lifetime of not knowing where she belonged, Saraya thought she might have found something true: a new family, thanks to the Banshees, and a place standing next to their president, Knight.

Her former enemy. And now her lover. The man who took her in and protected her when she didn't have any place else to go. The man who set her body on fire every time he touched her.

Until her ex, Devil, demanded that she come back to him.

Saraya and Knight were certain that they could outwit Devil and walk away from him, but they were wrong. Everything went sideways, and now they find themselves in hiding—from Devil's gang and from the cops. The Banshees are scattered, dead, or in jail, and their path forward is unclear.

Until Saraya decides she can save the day on her own.

Regardless of how much it costs her.

Will Knight be able to reach her before she can do something that will destroy both their lives? Or will she succeed at her mission and save him… while sacrificing her own safety?

BK3 Pretend You're Mine E-Book Cover.png


Book Three

Learn to obey
before you command…

Saraya thought things were bad before. They'd lost important members of their club, Knight's crew had been decimated by arrests, and she and Knight were on the run from the cops, hiding out in a house without any access to the rest of their club.

Now, she finds herself imprisoned at one of Devil's safehouses without any way of contacting Knight. Even worse, she knows what Devil wants. And it's not a friendly handshake.

He wants her back, and he wants her to prove she's sorry. And if she's not going to play the game he wants, she'll lose her life.

She doesn't know if Knight is coming, or if he even knows where she is, and though she used to be good at handling situations without anyone watching her back, that was before Knight showed her there was another way to live.

Knight knows there's a war brewing with Devil—and has been for a long time—but he never expected to have to rescue Saraya as part of that war.

The problem is, he doesn't have the men. And he's not sure he can gather them before she does something to get herself in trouble.

When Saraya puts her plan into motion, Knight jumps to back her up, but will the two manage to come back together in time… or will Devil win the war and kill them both before they can find each other again?

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