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A Dating App Series

BK1 Taking A risk E-Book Cover.png

I've Been Matched

Book One

Love Connects Us All…

Even though she didn't grow up with much Amanda Iversen has a loving family, supportive friends and, after years of struggling to overcome her humble beginnings—the perfect job. The one thing that's truly missing is someone to share her life with.

When her best friend pushes her into the crazy world of online dating, Amanda realizes that it's more than she bargained for. Especially after she's matched with tall, tanned, sinfully gorgeous Declan.

For Declan Sharpe, nothing matters more to him than honoring his grandfather's memory by taking care of the family ranch. Life on the ranch means that he keeps to himself, too shy and solitary to go out into the world. That is until his friend signs him up for a dating app that promises to find the perfect match. Online dating is the last thing Declan wants to sign up for, and his life alone suits him just fine. Mostly. He's sure signing up is the worst idea, but then he meets Amanda.

Amanda has been working her way up the corporate ladder for years. Declan spends his days on horseback. How can these two opposites ever make it past the first date?

BK2 Safety In Numbers E-Book Cover.png

You've Been Matched

Book Two

Love Connects Us All…

It's been a long time since Amanda Iversen has fallen for a guy, but she's never met a man like Declan.

Just as she decides to take their relationship to the next level, everything unravels when Declan makes a stunning accusation.

With Declan convinced she's betrayed him Amanda walks away, vowing to never put her heart on the line ever again.

From now on, online dating is for the kind of casual dates she'll need if she wants to get over Declan.

Declan Sharpe has lived a solitary life on his ranch, never letting any woman get too close. That changed when he met Amanda. But an unexpected discovery starts to make Declan question everything, and Amanda might not be the woman he thought she was. Before he can figure out who she really is she's out of his life, leaving Declan desperate to win her back.

One dating app was all it took to bring them together, but trusting each other again will take a leap of faith.

BK3 Pretend You're Mine E-Book Cover.png

We've Been Matched

Book Three

Love Connects Us All…

Declan Sharpe never thought a woman like Amanda would give him the time of day. She's smart, sophisticated, a corporate success. Way out of his league.

When his ranch is on the verge of being taken by developers potentially leaving him with nothing, Amanda sticks by him through the fight to save his family's land.

Until she doesn't.

And she suddenly breaks up with him without explanation.

Amanda Iversen has worked hard all her life and it's finally paying off. She has a dream job. Friends and family she could share anything with. And Declan, the only guy who ever set her heart on fire. That all starts to fall apart when she's forced to make an impossible choice. She can break up with Declan to save his ranch, or she can stand by him and watch him lose everything. She takes the hard road, breaking Declan's heart to protect him, and keep the reason secret.

Declan can't let her go and when his dark past finally catches up with him, he'll have to choose between family honor or a second chance at love. Will Declan and Amanda ever be able to get back to each other before it's too late?

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