Lovers in London Series

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Risking Millions

Book One

"Love is not something you protect. It's something you risk.

Daniel Connor has a problem. A big one.

Even though his company is a billion-dollar success in the hospitality industry, he’s just opened a few new properties in the United States and is failing at every turn. He’s never met a problem he couldn’t solve, but this particular problem is beyond him.

He needs an expert. A fixer.

Enter Eleanor Sawyer, fixer extraordinaire. Though she generally only works in the US, the salary Daniel offers her—and the good looks she sees across their first meeting—are impossible for her to turn down, and she makes the journey to the UK to work with his company on their problems.

But the UK isn’t as easy to navigate as she expected, and when she ends up living on Daniel’s property outside the city—and needing to call him every time something goes wrong—she starts to think there might be more to life in England than just fixing a company’s issues.

This contract was never meant to be anything but professional. The problem is, the longer Daniel and Eleanor work together, the more personal it becomes.

And neither one of them is all that interested in changing it."

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Venture Capital

Book Two


Rule #1: Never be #2

One city. Two rival families.

For years the O'Malley crime family has fought to topple their rivals through cunning, deceit, and turf wars. So far, the Donahues have proven to be too powerful to take down.

Caught in a stalemate, it looks like neither family can turn the tide until an enemy they didn't see coming threatens to expose all their dark secrets.

Selene O'Malley has spent years fighting to win Albion's criminal underworld for her family and she'll do whatever it takes to succeed. Even if that means she has to consider murder to keep her secrets buried. Forming an alliance with her sworn enemy is against the rules. So is sleeping with him. Now that she's given him her body, she can't dare give him her heart as well. Her only choice is to pretend she feels nothing for Conrad because if anyone finds out that he is her weakness, Selene's chance to take power will come crashing down.

As the youngest son of a crime boss, Conrad Donahue knows his place in the underworld's hierarchy. Breaking the rules won't be tolerated.

Crossing his father is a death sentence. If he wants to live, he'll have to take his secrets to his grave. Except now, a deranged criminal claiming to be his long-lost brother threatens to expose Conrad and reveal the one truth that cannot get out. Not only is Conrad sleeping with his enemy's daughter, he's also falling for her.

With Selene hiding her true feelings and Conrad fighting to keep their relationship a secret they don't stand a chance. But fortunes change in the city of Albion and desire can be more powerful than a feud between families.

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Worth The Expense

Book Three

Sometimes sacrifices are worth the cost. Even, or perhaps most especially, those made out of love.

Eleanor Sawyer is a fixer. People pay her to fix their companies for them, and she's never met a problem she couldn't figure out.

Until Daniel Connor hired her.

And it's not his company she's having problems with. No, she has a plan for how to increase Connor Hotels' sales in the American market, and it's good enough that she's impressing even herself.

When it comes to figure out Daniel himself, though, and those flashing eyes, smiling lips, and flirty looks… along with the occasional kiss… she's finding herself at a complete loss. She doesn't know if she wants to play along or tell him to remember who she is: just another employee.

Because now she's got an even bigger problem.

She's starting to fall in love with him.

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Price of Luxury

Book Four

Truth is too big a price to pay for the luxury of avoiding pain now and again...

Eleanor Sawyer never should have let herself think there was anything more between her and Daniel Connor than a simple contract. She was the fixer he'd hired to corral the US market for his hotel chain, and that was all there was to it.

She'd come to the US with him to take a closer look at the hotels she was meant to be fixing. Period.

Then she slept with him and tried to fix things between him and his estranged brother, and everything went sideways on her.

Now she's in the US by herself, trying to finish her mission on her own while Daniel has gone back to London and cut communications with her. And though she's working through the hotels on her list and making good progress, she's also running across some problems. Daniel's brother is threatening her and she's getting messages from people she doesn't even know.

And without Daniel there to back her up or get her out of any sticky situations, she starts to think that staying in the US, and continuing her hotel research on her own, might just be the worst idea she's ever had.

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Exclusive Passion

Book Five

Do it with passion or not at all…

Eleanor Sawyer and Daniel Connor have finally gone all out and admitted that they might be in love.

Unfortunately, it hasn't simplified their lives at all.

Instead, they find out what his brother has been up to all these years, and what it has to do with the hotel he's been running in Virginia Beach. And then they find out that the board isn't going to be as generous as they were hoping with those rules they set down for Daniel.

This time, though, they're facing their problems as partners, and hoping that if they work together, they just might be able to save not only their relationship, but also the company itself.

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Sparkling Christmas

Book Six

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Lovers in London

Box Set Books 1-3

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