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Moment In Time Series

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Highlander's Bride

Book One

One moment in time was all it took...

She shouldn’t be here… She can’t even recall how she got here.

Except for the dream. Mya Boyle remembers the dream. She knows it’s somehow connected to her past, her present and the future.

Mya woke one morning in a field, a stag grazing close by as if it didn’t even notice her. She lay bare, like a babe from the womb, except for a wool blanket wrapped around her tightly.

A grown woman with no memory, no family, no money, nothing. Kayden McGregor found her while hunting. He was after the stag and nearly shot her with his arrow instead. Unable to leave her to the wolves of his clan, he took her to his home.

He resents her. She can’t bare to look at him. Or stop herself from staring when he doesn’t notice. Trapped, and yet somehow destined to be together.

Remember enough of the past… You may be able to control your future.

BK1 E-Book Cover.png

Victorian Bride

Book Two

Remember enough of the past… You may be able to control the future.

She shouldn’t be here… She doesn’t even know how she got here.

There is always the dream. Mya can’t recall all the details, but it wakes her up at night in a cold sweat with fear sending her heart racing.

Mya wakes in a bed she doesn’t recognize, in a house she doesn’t know. A woman tells her that they found her in their fields and have been taking care of her. As she gazes out the window, she sees a stag. A brilliant beast, white fur and strong, large antlers.

She also finds a scar on her shoulder that she doesn’t remember getting.

A grown woman with no memory, no family, no money.

Kayden McGregor, a Scotsman who seems more a Highlander, owns an estate near where she is staying. When they meet, there is a fire between the two of them—one that is impossible to tell if it’s furry or passion.

She resents him. He can’t bare to look at her. Or stop himself from staring when Mya pretends not to notice. Trapped, and yet somehow destined to be together.

“You were made to be with

BK1 E-Book Cover.png

Modern Day Bride

Book Three

You were made to be with me, as I was made to love you. No moment in time can take that away from us.

The sounds of a storm wakes Mya in the middle of the night. Except instead of a storm, a war is raging outside the window. She had no idea what time it is, or even the date. She doesn’t know how she ended up in the building, or who the handsome soldier that saves her is.

She feels connected to him, and his older worldly ways. A stranger and yet she knows things about him—intimate things, like the scar on his chest, the way his hair curls around her fingers when she runs her hand through it.

Pieces of a puzzle they don’t understand, begin to fit together. Destiny seems to be pushing them together, but why? Just when they are on the verge of figuring out their connection, the devastating war tears them apart again.

You were given this life because you’re strong enough to live it.

BK1 E-Book Cover.png

A Royal Bride

Book Four

“You were given this life because you’re strong enough to live it.”

Mya Boyle finds herself once again in the highlands of Scotland. In a time she doesn’t remember, injured, with no title, no lands, no memory of the life she’s lived.

A handsome, richly dressed hero comes to her rescue. Her Highlander… and a prince. She’s sure she knows him, feels the memory of him will come back at any moment. However, Prince Kayden McGregor swears he doesn’t know her, that they’ve only met that day for the first time.

Love between them is inevitable.

Threatened by country as a traitor, Mya must prove that she is not after the crown. The more she digs into her past and remembers, the more Kayden seems to forget.

When the hands of man threaten to tear them apart, will Fate intervene?

Or has time run out for Mya and Kayden? Can she show him that their love is eternal, before it’s too late?

“Time changes everyone.”

BK1 E-Book Cover.png

Forever the Bride

Book Five

“Time changes everyone.”

Everything has changed. Buildings, the landscape, the country, the people, life. Mya remembers the past—some of it—and believes the future is too hard. It’s been years and she is still alone, lost in memories, her heart aching for her love. Her Highlander. Kayden.

She travels to Scotland and as she passes through, more memories return. The stag. Her friends. The war. Her prince.

Unsure if she can find the pieces of the puzzle of her life again, she returns to a place where all her memories seem to focus on. The crashing waves, the rolling hills… and Kayden.

Will Mya and Kayden find a way through the loophole of time? Will they remember enough of the past… and control their future?

“Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.”

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