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Assisting The Boss Series

BK1 E-Book Cover.png

Billion Reasons

Book One

There are a billion reasons why you can't. Focus on the few reasons you can.

The last thing I need is a personal assistant. I'm good at my job, and, no matter what my interfering Mom thinks, I don't need help with that.

Yet, somehow, I've ended up with Lilah as my PA. And I like her. She's smart, she's funny, and she's making my life a hell of a lot easier.

But one business trip together, and everything changes. I never wanted this woman in my life, but now she's here, and I can't imagine it without her. Now that feels dangerous...

BK1 E-Book Cover.png

Duke of Delegation

Book Two

Delegate your way to the top.

Professional. I can do professional.

That's what Lilah wants from me, anyway. But when things start getting stressful again, she takes me up on an old offer for a work trip, away from reality.

Oh, I should keep it professional. But, away from the office, it's hard to remember why we laid those rules down in the first place. And I don't know how long I can keep my hands to myself...

BK1 E-Book Cover.png

Late Night Meetings

Book Three

Best moments happen when they are unplanned.

Back to New York. Back to reality. But that trip to California has changed everything – and we both know it.

I just want to forget Lilah and move on with my life, but the world isn't making that easy. My mother won't get off my back about bringing her to the fold again. And the stress at work is piling up without her smile to take the edge off. And she was damn good at her job. I can't lie about that.

But she's not waiting around for me. And I'm not sure how much more of not being able to have her that I can take...

BK1 E-Book Cover.png

Delegating Love

Book Four

Every master was once a disaster…

Just when things look like they're going right again - Lilah and I are rudely interrupted by the last person I want to see.

My father isn't going to let go of his business so easily. He wants to put up a fight. And no matter how much I try to convince him otherwise, he's not going to swallow his pride and do what's right.

Even with Lilah back on my side, it's hard to keep on top of work right now. As she faces her own family drama, it seems like the world is conspiring to make life hard for us.

Against all odds, will love keep us together? Or pull us apart?

BK1 E-Book Cover.png

Suitors and Admirers

Book Five

Love doesn't need to be perfect… it just needs to be true.

The world doesn't want Lilah and I to be together. But the world doesn't know what it's got coming.

Just when things start feeling easy, they get complicated again - someone is trying to smear me in the press, and I need to bring them down before they ruin my reputation for good. Or before Lilah starts believing the scandalous lies they're selling.

Who is behind these attacks on my life? And how do I get them to stop?

When it's all over...will Lilah still want to be with me?

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