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The Beach Series

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Good Vibes

Book One

Your vibe attracts your tribe…

Four friends at a beach house for the final summer before adult life kicks in, what could be better? The plan is to spend days lying out in the sun and nights drinking at boardwalk bars. What could possibly go wrong? In a word: boys.

Mandy starts hanging out with the beach volleyball captain, while Christine is rescued from the undertow by a jacked lifeguard. Ginny hits on her long-time crush, the owner of a beach bar with bedroom eyes and nerves of steel. She can't tell if he likes her or not, and it's driving her crazy.

Meanwhile, Leyla has problems of her own, and not with a current boyfriend. Someone from her past still has the power to harm her. As the summer unfolds, she must find the strength to stay true to herself without destroying all four friendships in the process.

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Cocktail in Hand

Book Two

I have mixed drinks about feelings…

Life sucks big time for four friends who are new to this crazy thing called adulthood.

Christine hates her job, Ginny doesn't like grad school, Mandy's had one too many breakups, and Leyla's struggling to come out on top as a single parent.

What they all need is a month of zero responsibility in a beautiful little beach house right on the ocean. Luckily, Ginny's parents have one they're offering, so the girls converge for a summer of fun and romance on the Virginia shore.

The vacation starts out great, but the boyfriend drama doesn't stop at the door. It follows them all the way to their little hideout, and familiar conflicts threaten to drown out their good times.

The problem is: guys are hot. Whether they come with strings attached or not, there's no denying the attraction.

Will Leyla hook up with Christine's ex?
Can Ginny keep her hands off the guy at the bar?
And is Mandy's new fling different enough from all the others, or will this one break her heart again?

The girls are back for another summer of fun and sex down at the shore. It's the perfect destination for a bit of adult entertainment.

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Sunny Side Up

Book Three

Keep your sunny side up…

Summer at the beach house was our thing.

Four friends from the same university, we had all gone separate ways. But once a year, we set the summer aside to reconnect.

Ginny graduated from MIT, and Leyla gained local fame as a reporter. Christine was struggling to find her groove as a kindergarten teacher, while I had my sights set on the man I'd hooked up with last year. The only problem was that he didn't see any future in our relationship and didn't want to reconnect.

I wasn't the only one with man trouble. Ginny had walked in on another woman in her boyfriend's apartment, and Leyla's ex was sniffing around.

Just when I thought I could escape all the drama, I got sucked right back in.

What was up with the gorgeous weatherman who kept making eyes at Chris?

Or the lifeguard who showed up on Leyla's doorstep with flowers?

Between the waves and the beach parties and sandcastles, love was in the air. I just wasn't sure if it was meant for me.

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Paradise Found

Book Four

True love is the key to paradise…

For six summers, my friends and I have rented a little house on the Virginia shore to unwind and have fun. When it started, we were college students. Now we're adults with jobs and relationships that actually mean something. Well, everyone else has a relationship; I'm still single.

While I'm helping Leyla with the seating chart for her wedding, I accidentally walk in on Ginny and Jackson going at it in the laundry room. Mandy can't wait to tell Roger that she's pregnant, and my first date in a long time is a disaster. I just can't win.

I'm trying to remain positive for the sake of my friends, but it gets harder and harder to be the only one unlucky in love. That is until the big man on our college campus, Nick Stubbs himself, shows up for the wedding.

Seeing him again brings up all kinds of mixed emotions. He's smart and sexy, and he says he's into me. But if that's true, why didn't he say something six years ago? Why did he wait until now to claim that he's always loved me from afar?

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