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Butler and Heiress Series

BK1 To Serve E-Book Cover.png

To Serve

Book One

The only really happy people are those who have learned to serve.

Alistair Godstone has one goal in life.

To break his family's tradition of being trapped into a life of servitude. With one more temporary job to finish up a family obligation, he will achieve his dream. He just has to keep up the act and wear his mask of the cold, but attentive, butler long enough to pay his family's medical bills.

When he arrives at his new post, his entire focus and purpose change. At this mansion lives the grown woman he loved as a child. Only she's a heiress—and untouchable.

She also doesn't recognize him.

Evelyn Smythe, heiress to the House of Smythe, has a secret. She longs to be free from her life of wealth and misery. She plans to escape the trap she's been caught in when she learns of the arranged marriage for her—an heir to a dukedom. A deed of royalty.

Terrified of the life she's about to be forced into, she finds a knight in her corner. The new butler. He's handsome and so much more.

Can they both keep up the façade of heiress and butler until she can make her escape?

BK1 To Serve E-Book Cover.png

For Duty

Book Two

Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never do less.

Evelyn Smythe has been dying a thousand deaths inside, secretly planning to leave England to escape a life of misery at the hands of a monster.

She receives aid from an unexpected source and her life changes forever. Knowing she was falling in love with the new butler, she feels torn between leaving him behind and getting away from her arranged marriage.

Events take an even worse turn when she's trapped in the clutches of Nicholas Forbes—a fate worse than death. She must consider saving the man she really loves by marrying Forbes.

Alistair James Godstone knew he needed to protect Evie at all costs. He'd give up everything just to keep her safe. Even if it means never seeing her again.

He's kept a startling secret from her, and for this she may never forgive him. When his plan for her escape blows up in his face, he realizes he will have to get rid of Forbes or lose Evie forever.

BK1 To Serve E-Book Cover.png

No Chore

Book Three

You don't get anything clean, without getting something else dirty.

Evelyn, daughter of the Baron of Smythe has finally escaped her arranged marriage to a cruel duke she doesn't love.

Except her escape means she has to leave behind Alistair, the handsome butler she's secretly fallen for. Evie must start over without the butler she will never see again. Or so she thinks.

When Alistair finds her, he convinces her to come home, but when Evie finally returns to England she'll have to face the cruel duke who refuses to release her.

Back in her golden cage, she discovers the unthinkable and is forced to make a choice: the wealthy duke who will secure her place in society, or the butler who will lead to her downfall.

Alistair Godstone has always known that servants don't marry noblewomen. His forbidden affair with Evelyn can never last.

When he discovers that Evie has fled England, he can't let her go. He goes after her, determined to bring her home and eventually win her heart for good. Alistair refuses to give her up again and will fight the duke for her hand if necessary—but with a secret of his own and a stunning change in fortune for both of them, a life with Evie seems out of his reach.

Can Alistair and Evie break the rules of society, or will duty force them apart forever?

BK1 To Serve E-Book Cover.png

All Wrapped Up

Book Four

All Wrapped up and no where to go...

For over a year Alistair Godstone has been the Duke of Marlowe. Though he's now a wealthy nobleman, it's his wife and daughter who are most important to him.

With Christmas at his lavish estate approaching, all Alistair wants to do is celebrate with his family by honoring the father he never met. But rumors start to spread that threaten to tarnish the family name. Rumors suggesting that Alistair isn't the true heir to the Marlowe title.

Now, instead of focusing on Christmas, Alistair has to track down the source of the rumors and discover if he really does have an older brother he never knew existed.

The Duchess of Marlowe, Evelyn Godstone, is happily married and enjoying motherhood. Since this will be her daughter's first Christmas, the holiday season at Marlowe Estate promises to be extra special.

Except Evie never counted on being at the center of a scandal. Rumors threaten her family and could jeopardize her daughter's future. With high society turning its back on her and Alistair, can Evie discover the truth and bring her family together in time for Christmas?

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