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Billionaire CEO Brothers Series

BK1 Tempting The Player E-Book Cover.png

Tempting the Player

Book One

The trouble with trouble is that it always starts out as fun.

The bright lights of L.A. are calling my name. No more small town living for me. Years after trying to find my way in the world of admin, I'm finally breaking free.

Or so I thought…

My first weekend in the big city with my friend and we decide to try out a club for some stress relief. The most handsome player I've ever seen decided he wanted one girl's attention that night – mine. I turned him down and walked away. I've seen his kind far too many times.

Fast forward a few days later, I'm at an interview for an executive assistant cause a girl's gotta eat, and who walks in?

The player.

You have got to be kidding me, but the money is good and the benefits are amazing.

Unfortunately for me, the man is the bane of my existence and everything I could ever want in a lover.

As much as I try not to, my days are quickly becoming consumed with new ways to tempt the player.

BK1 Tempting The Player E-Book Cover.png

Late Night Boardroom

Book Two

What you're looking for is not out there, it's in you.

Here I am, McKenna Dean, trying tonavigate my new life in LA with my two best friends, while trying to figure out what is going on with my sexy boss, Andrew Redwall.

When I get back to work after Thanksgiving break, things with Andrew pick up again. Except we can't keep playing this game. So I demand a real date and find out the two of us actually have a lot in common. Trouble starts when I'm distracted with Andrew after a work emergency, and forget all about my promise to Chloe.

Now she's furious and blames Andrew for coming between us. Feeling like a turd, I start questioning my life in LA and hate the feeling of being forced to choose between the man I'm falling for and my best friend. Sometimes things are more complicated than they seem.

Can Andrew and I keep a relationship separate from our working one? Or is my small hometown beckoning me back with its feeling of safety?

BK1 Tempting The Player E-Book Cover.png

Reviewing the Performance

Book Three

One does not mend a fence with hammer and nails.

I'm so screwed.

I've fallen for my secretary; McKenna Dean and there's no denying it anymore.

When circumstances land her in my penthouse playing 'house', I realize I want this for real. I want the real thing.

Unfortunately, McKenna is determined to mend fences with her roommates. So what can I do except step back and wait.

When McKenna invites me home for Christmas to meet her parents, I decide it's time to take our relationship to the next level—that is until a blast from my past, in the form of a buxom blonde, derails everything.

McKenna says she can't compete with the women of my past. How can I convince her I'm not the man I was? That I've changed because of her?

BK1 Tempting The Player E-Book Cover.png

Result of Passion

Book Four

If you focus on results, things will never change.

Aleena Redding comes from a wealthy, connected family, but she is ready to forge her own path.

She takes a job as an intern at the prestigious Redwall Enterprises, convinced she landed it on her own.

Nathan Redwall, her boss and CEO of the company, corrects her assumptions. She's nothing but an entitled young woman in his eyes. She sets out to prove him wrong.

Over the course of their working relationship, the chemistry between them cannot be ignored. When he runs into an issue with a difficult client, it's Aleena who gets to show just how tough she can be.

BK1 Tempting The Player E-Book Cover.png

Directing the Next Move

Book Five

There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable…

Mark Twain

Nathan Redwall knows it's wrong to sleep with his intern, but he can't keep his hands off her. Aleena Redding is his father's good friend's daughter and completely off limits.

The forbidden fruit was always sweeter.

Their torrid love affair has to be kept a secret. After one magical sleepover, Nathan decides he wants to be all in. Aleena is on board with being exclusive but they both agree to keep their relationship quiet for a while.

At least, they thought they could keep it quiet.

After an explosive altercation with Aleena's father, everything changed. Aleena runs into the arms of another man and Nathan decides to deal with his father once and for all.

BK1 Tempting The Player E-Book Cover.png

Touching the Assets

Book Six

It's hard to beat a person who never gives up…

Nathan Redwall has worked hard his entire life, never coming up for air.

When a sexy intern comes into his life, his dedication to growing his family company changes. He suddenly doesn't want to spend of the rest his life in the office.

Aleena Redding shows him what living is all about. When his father threatens to destroy the happiness he found, Nathan puts his foot down. They are stronger together and he isn't letting Aleena go, no matter what their fathers think.

A whirlwind vacation leads to a declaration of love and what he hopes is a bright future together.

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