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The Rogue Agent Series

BK1 Taking A risk E-Book Cover.png

The Target

Book One

When you seek revenge be sure to dig two graves…

Revenge was the only thing I had going for me. It kept me awake at night and drove me into desperate situations in dive bars across the world.

I was looking for someone, for the enemy who was responsible for killing my fiancé. He was a covert operative who worked for the British government, someone hiding behind the trappings of respectability. Or so I thought…

I dropped a hint where he could find me, going through channels I knew he would be monitoring. And when he walked into the bar, he stuck out like a sore thumb. Tall and well-built, he could barely hide his magnificent physique beneath the stuffy three-piece suit. I had him pegged as MI6 from the moment he sat down.

But when he zeroed in on me and the time came to strike, something stopped me. Maybe it was the way his body felt so close to mine. Maybe it was the kindness in his eyes that stirred doubt about his guilt. All I know is that I couldn't kill him, and that might just have been the biggest mistake of my life.

BK2 Safety In Numbers E-Book Cover.png

The Hijack

Book Two

When you seek revenge be sure to dig two graves…

I never thought I would love again. After a sinister organization called Dark Sparrow killed my fiancé, all I wanted was revenge. But the closer I got to justice, the more convoluted the plot became. Suddenly the people I thought were responsible for my heartache became the very ones I could rely on. I found myself in love again, against the odds, and this time I was determined not to lose him.

Theo Wells, the dashing yet laid-back MI6 agent who was working with me on the Dark Sparrow case, was rapidly becoming my whole world. And that world was torn apart when traitors from inside the British government raided our safehouse.

They shot Theo right in front of me before putting a bag over my head and dragging me away. Now they've got me locked in a jungle prison on the far side of the world. I can't eat, and I can't sleep, waiting for my chance to break free.

All that matters is finding my way back to Theo. If he's still alive...

BK3 Pretend You're Mine E-Book Cover.png

The Ghost

Book Three

When you seek revenge be sure to dig two graves…

We're running out of time.

My evil foster father, Hector Ashcroft, has planted nuclear bombs in strategic locations across Europe and North America. He plans to detonate them and bring an end to governments worldwide. In the ashen winter that follows, his group, New Dawn, will take control, giving him limitless power.

But not if I can stop him.

I have a small group of friends and allies, starting with two others who grew up under Ashcroft's roof. Together, we've built a resistance capable of bringing him down, but the problem is we don't know where to find him.

Enter Theo, the heavily muscled and dangerously seductive MI6 agent. He discovers New Dawn's hidden lair and is helping track down Ashcroft and end his reign of terror. Theo disappears at the most inopportune moment to go root out the remaining New Dawn agents.

It's inopportune because I have a secret that I can only share with him. While he's out saving the world from the threat of nuclear annihilation, I'm living off the grid, pregnant with his child.

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