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Leaning Towards Trouble Series

BK1 Taking A risk E-Book Cover.png


Book One

No matter what, trouble always comes round.

Troy is a simple man. He loves three things more than anything else in this world: his job, his bike, and his mother. But when Sadie Powers, a beautiful young woman, starts coming to the gym he owns, he thinks he might have found number four on that list.

Until a dark force lurking in the shadows threatens to pull the two of them apart.

BK2 Safety In Numbers E-Book Cover.png


Book Two

No matter what, trouble always comes round.

The saga continues for Troy and Sadie as they race to beat the clock. He's out there. The dark force that threatens to pull the two of them apart. And the worst part of it is that Troy isn't sure he can keep her safe. She's growing on him. This spindly little girl from his kickboxing classes is getting under his skin. And he knows that spells trouble for the people in his life. He'll become a target. He knows all too well how this kind of thing works. And yet, he can't stay away from her.


The plain-Jane girl who's quickly stealing his heart.

BK3 Pretend You're Mine E-Book Cover.png


Book Three

No matter what, trouble always comes round.

Time is running out.

With Troy in the clutches of his girlfriend's abusive ex, he knows she's more vulnerable than ever. What's happening to her while he's tied up? Who's protecting Sadie while he's locked in the back of a van somewhere? Every minute that ticks by, she becomes more vulnerable. Every hour that passes gives Luke another chance to finally get Sadie at his side. And the fearful fury of that reality fuels him forward.

All Troy knows is that he has to get back to her. All he knows is that Luke can't ever get to her. No matter what it costs him. No matter what it means. No matter what part of him he has to compromise to get to her.

Is risking his own life to save hers going to be enough?

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