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Kissed By Billions Series

BK1 Taking A risk E-Book Cover.png

Kissed by Passion

Book One

"Love is blind, despite the world's attempt to give it eyes."

Phillip Greene is the shining resident at St. Joseph's Hospital. Lilly Carver is the personal assistant of her billionaire father at his finance firm.

Two different worlds, two different sets of rules.

But when their worlds collide, fires ignite. Forests are burned to the ground. And neither of their fathers approve of the union.

One reckless weekend threatens to tear them apart as their secretive affair surfaces. Can Phillip handle the paparazzi? Can they both convince their families how wrong they are to disapprove?

Or will the standards of their different worlds put out the fire sparking between them?

Love knows no color. No race. No limits.

BK2 Safety In Numbers E-Book Cover.png

Kissed by Desire

Book Two

"Love is blind, despite the world's attempt to give it eyes."

Lilly and Flip find themselves in an impossible scenario. While their lust burns brighter than the sun, a devilish plan is in the works.

A headline rocks Flip's world making him question what's real and what isn't. Lilly soothes his mind. Ignites his body. Calls to his heart. But, the circumstances that surround them continue to mount. Soon, Flip isn't sure what to believe.

A sit-down with his arch nemesis spins his entire world out of control. Smoke screens grow thick. Walls are reinforced.

Even though Flip tries to keep his hand tightened around Lilly's, he feels her slipping. Falling. Moving away from him.

Can the two of them keep it together? Can they stay afloat during the onslaught of terror? Or will the plan lurking in the background prove to be their doom?

Love knows no color. No race. No limits.

BK3 Pretend You're Mine E-Book Cover.png

Kissed by Love

Book Three

"Love is blind, despite the world's attempt to give it eyes."

Kickbacks. Medical scandal. A greedy man out for revenge.

The world around Flip and Lilly is spiraling, and nothing they do makes it better. Their love has flourished beyond everything thrown at them. But, neither of them still have what they want—the free will to be with one another.

The freedom to walk out in public, hand in hand. The weight of the world is crushing them, and they are running out of options. Until Lilly comes up with one last-ditch effort. Can she save her job at Carver Capital? Will Flip keep his reputation with St. Joseph's? Or will the two of them really have to do what Flip suggests?

Will they really have to run away to be together?

Love knows no color. No race. No limits.

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