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Karma Series

BK1 Taking A risk E-Book Cover.png

Walk Away

Book One

I hate him so much because I loved him so much.

He loved the idea of me, the idea of a relationship, how we looked together, the sex. He loved how I loved him, but he never loved me back.

He walked away without a bruise because he never loved me.

Now I'm the one in pain and hurting.

But I'll get him back… I know exactly what I need to do.

And I don't mean getting him back beside me, I mean making him pay for what he did. I'm going to be the karma queen.

BK2 Safety In Numbers E-Book Cover.png

Make Him Pay

Book Two

The worst thing about being lied to is knowing you weren't worth the truth…

Tatum Banks is on a mission to get revenge on her ex. By hooking up with her sexy best friend, Cooper Dunn she thinks she's found the perfect retaliation.

Except, the mission goes awry when she falls in love with the one man in her life that has always been there for her.

Cooper is tired of the revenge game and wants Tatum to let things go and just focus on their relationship. However, Tatum has one last objective. She found out her ex is stealing the work of authors and slapping his name on it. She decides it is her responsibility to expose the truth only to get dragged into a dangerous world of theft and cover-ups that could cost her everything.

I hated him so much because I had loved him too much.

BK3 Pretend You're Mine E-Book Cover.png

Perfect Revenge

Book Three

Don't waste your time on revenge. Those that hurt you will eventually face their own karma.

Tatum Banks has just been kidnapped. Again.

This is not how I planned it.

Not. At. All.

This time, it's my ex-boss who claims he just wants to talk. He's ticked about my involvement in a plot to take him down for cheating legitimate authors out of thousands of dollars.

It's going to be a fight for my life – and the lives of the people I love – right up until the bitter end.

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