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A Bump in the Road Series

BK1 Taking A risk E-Book Cover.png

Expecting Love

Book One

You are the best thing I never planned.
Brigid O'Neil, Irish immigrant and interior designer, never does anything that might count as wild or against the rules.

Until she meets Levi Carson in a bar on holiday in Miami, and is too drunk to remember her rules about following rules.

Fast forward eight months… she never got his number or last name, but she did get something.

Levi Carson didn't expect to come home from the Marines and meet a girl he liked on his first night back in the States. He'd just finished military service and his head wasn't all in the right place.

A little over half a year later, he's transitioned from Marine medic to labor and delivery nurse. When he discovers that his next patient is the girl he slept with in Miami, and her baby looks exactly like him, he bites the bullet and starts playing father to the little one. Even though Brigid won't tell him the truth.

But neither one of them can keep ignoring the truth forever. And when Levi finally decides he's had enough and walks away, Brigid has to ask herself one question: Is her pride worth losing the man she's started to fall in love with?

BK2 Safety In Numbers E-Book Cover.png

Selfless Act

Book Two

You are the best thing I never planned.

Brigid, knowing that she's out of options, having finally told Levi the truth about their son, and Levi, free now to love Maverick like he's always wanted to, believes they're finally on the path toward a real relationship. They're learning to trust each other and work together.

They might even become partners in this situation.

But when Brigid's parents show up for a visit, things get complicated. When Brigid's mother talks Levi into proposing, they get even worse.

And suddenly Levi and Brigid must face a whole new dilemma: Are they ready to be a real couple? Or are they going to be hamstrung by the fact that they still don't know—or trust—one another?

BK3 Pretend You're Mine E-Book Cover.png

Doctor's Orders

Book Three

You are the best thing I never planned.

Brigid and Levi have weathered so much together. An unexpected pregnancy, and the son they weren't planning for. The sudden discovery that they needed to not only get to know each other, but learn how to raise a baby at the same time.

The equally intimidating challenge of breaking the news to her parents about the baby… and about Levi himself.

But nothing has been quite as difficult as learning to communicate with each other. Now that they're engaged, that communication becomes even more difficult. And when Brigid admits to having lost the engagement ring, it sets in motion a set of events that they might not be able to find their way out of.

Levi isn't sure he can trust Brigid to see the relationship through. Brigid isn't sure that Levi is committed to her, and only her. And when she's offered the opportunity of a lifetime, she realizes that her life is going to move forward, regardless.

But Levi might not be a part of it.

As they try to get past their own baggage and focus on the relationship—and decide whether they want it all—Brigid and Levi must ask themselves one question: Can they trust each other?

Or are they going to end up separating and going their own ways, each of them leaving a piece of themselves behind in the process?

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