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Heistdom Series

BK1 Master Thief E-Book Cover.png

Master Thief

Book One

“He stole more than just her heart.”

Naomi Stone is a woman of action, who takes risks others would run from. While building a global empire which helps non-governmental organizations, she’s always looking for opportunities to expand her horizon, until she met him.

He stole more than just her heart.

Edward Gleason is a man of many talents, and probably one of the greatest thieves in the world. Stealing from multinational businesses and CEOs, he’s built a name for himself within the community of gentlemen thieves. Together with his literal partner in crime, Maximilian Hansen, he’s reached the pinnacle of success.

The stakes change when a mysterious client offers him an invitation—an opportunity—to a challenge beyond anything he’s ever dreamed of. If he refuses, everything he’s done up to this moment would be for nothing. But accepting might cost him the woman he's coming to love.

Edward’s response?

Let the games begin.

BK1 Master Thief E-Book Cover.png


Book Two

"Don't miss the silver lining because you're expecting gold."

Edward Gleason has always been the best. Even as a thief.

Until now.

Assigned to steal the world's most famous parlor game, the Jewel Royale Chess Set, Edward's up for the challenge. He's got the perfect plan to land him the goldmine, only to come up short when the priceless work of art is stolen right from under his nose.

Timing is everything in the world of thievery. Edward rediscovers the beautiful and incredibly wealthy CEO, Naomi, who just might be poised to become the love of his life—if he can live long enough to convince her she's the one.

It seems Naomi Stone has some deadly secrets of her own.

Dating becomes the adventure of a lifetime as the master thief sets out to steal the heart of the woman he loves.

BK1 Master Thief E-Book Cover.png

Diamond Heist

Book Three

There is no quitting, no turning back.

Edward and Naomi have been spending a lot of quality time together. So much so that Edward has found himself in a precarious place. Should he leave his life of crime to be the best man that he can be for her? If she found out what he does to make money, surely she would leave him in the dust.

Ed's search for a straight job leads him to more stress and anxiety, until Max calls him up with news from one of their old dead drops. There's now a job to be had. A big job. Will it be worth it to Ed to pull off what would undoubtedly be the biggest heist of his life? Can he do it and walk away, or would entrance into the elite White Panthers secure him a place of freedom to do what he loves and still stay with the woman he loves?

Kyle is back to make sure Ed doesn't succeed. His need to be the best drives him to stop Edward at all costs, including playing head games and cheating. Who will win the showdown between the two ex-partners?

BK1 Master Thief E-Book Cover.png

Smile For Me

Book Four

"There's no quitting, no turning back."

With the plan in place, it was time for Edward to work his magic.

The Mona Lisa could possibly be the biggest job of his lifetime and he put everything else aside to concentrate on the only that. Naomi would have to wait. Kyle would be shoved to the back of his mind. His focus was like a laser and it only had eyes for Da Vinci's beauty.

Armed with Syd's chemical wonder, Edward should be able to get the Mona Lisa out safely.

Kyle knows they willbe there, but will he put two and two together? Will Naomi finally get to confront Ed about the information Kendra dug up?

His life is coming together and falling apart, at the same time, and it all comes down to one night in Paris.

BK1 Master Thief E-Book Cover.png

Your Move

Book Five

"There's no quitting, no turning back."

Edward Gleason has always been at the top of the game—or at least he was until he met Naomi.

When Edward committed to stealing the Mona Lisa, the last thing he expected was that he'd be helping out his old partner, Kyle, who tried to steal the precious artifact right out from underneath him. Not only does Edward find himself trying to outrun the FBI that is hot on his tail, but he also has to face the fact that Naomi knows his true identity; she could turn on him, leave him, and turn him in any minute.

Staying one step ahead has always been one of Edward's strong points, but there's never been so much at stake before. With the truth now standing like an ominous wall between them, Naomi must decide between doing what she thinks is right and following her heart.

With so much to lose, Naomi and Edward must fight to hold on to themselves and each other.

BK1 Master Thief E-Book Cover.png

Green With Envy

Book Six

"There's no quitting, no turning back."

Naomi was glad she'd solved the mystery of the man behind the façade. She'd met the real Edward Gleason, but it didn't make her feel better. In fact, she felt worse, because the threat of him loomed, bigger than ever.

I do what I have to do to survive. I can't change that.

With startling clarity, she realizes if Edward continued, there was only one of two ways it could end.

He'd end up in prison…or a body bag.

BK1 Master Thief E-Book Cover.png

Saving Money


Take a chance, you never know how good you might be at it.

Telemarketer Maximilian Hansen, a middle-class American, struggles at a dead-end job. Every day, he calls several hundred clients, in the hopes of making a few sales to support his wife and two kids. With monthly expenses piling up and his spouse worried that they might lose the house, Max is compelled to seek other methods to make ends meet.

On an eventful and unforgettable day, he encounters a charming young man. Little does Max know just how much that man will turn his world upside down. Offered the chance to change his life in ways he's never even imagined, though, Max is faced with a decision. Should he take a chance at bettering his life, at the risk that things could go sour and potentially endanger his livelihood and his family?

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