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The Perfect Interior Design Series

BK1 To Serve E-Book Cover.png

The Focal Point

Book One

I've met the girl of my dreams…

She's an interior designer, and I met her while she was working on my best friend's house. Now I've hired her to redesign my home. Not because I need it but because I want to get to know her.

The only problem is she's wary of new relationships thanks to an ex who treated her like garbage. If I ask her out now, I know I'll get rejected.

Thankfully, I'm a tech billionaire, and I have a plan—I'm going to buy another house for her to design. Slow and steady wins the race, and I'm going to win her over.

Nothing could go wrong with this plan, right? I'll tell her… eventually.

People will stare – make it worth their while.

BK1 To Serve E-Book Cover.png

The Mood Board

Book Two

What happens after the fairy tale?

What happens when life comes in between the cracks of your fairytale castle? Old hurts, ex-boyfriends, past traumas that seep in and turn your happily ever after on its head?

When the unthinkable happens, will your love still stand?

When Liam is arrested for the unthinkable, Bailey must put aside her own feelings to help prove the charges are bogus. But how far is she willing to go? What demons will she have to face to free him? What dark places will she have to go to?

More importantly, will their love survive?

Every great design begins with an even better story…

BK1 To Serve E-Book Cover.png

The Color Scheme

Book Three

I met the love of my life, and then it was over.

I had to leave him to save him.

My ex thinks he still owns me, and the guy is holding Liam's future over my head.

I'd do anything to save Liam from the ruin my ex is promising to bring down on him.


Even if it means I lose myself in the process.

I will lose so Liam can win.

Even if it means I never get my fairytale ending, I'll protect him no matter the cost.

Every great design begins with an even better story…

BK1 To Serve E-Book Cover.png

Wreaths and Garland

Book Four

I've met the girl of my dreams…

It's Liam and Bailey's first Christmas together. Everything is supposed to be perfect, right?

Except it's not—work has kept them from spending time together, Liam is struggling to seal an important deal at a difficult time of year for him, and everything for the Christmas party Bailey is throwing for the Hope's House families is falling apart!

Will they be able to navigate the trials to see the true magic of the season in time to save Christmas?

If Kisses Were Snowflakes, I'd Send You a Blizzard…

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