Department of Defense Series

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Dead Ahead

Book One

The only easy day was yesterday...


I'm a Navy SEAL on a mission to find out what's happening in a politically-charged environment. When things go horribly wrong, I find myself saddled with my exact opposite: a female scientist who never runs out of questions or words. Now we're stuck on a deserted island with no way off and information vital to avoiding World War III. Will we make it off the island in time to warn the world what's coming? And will we do it with our hearts still intact?


They sent me to an island to find out why the marine life off the coast was behaving strangely. The only problem? It's a contested land inhabited by terrorists. When I find myself stranded on the island with a Navy SEAL who saved my life, I don't know whether we'll make it off alive. But one thing I do know? I might be falling for the man with the haunting blue eyes. Before we find out whether we have a future together, we have to escape terrorists, get off the island, and save the world.

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Blue Falcon

Book Two


I'm a fighter pilot adrenaline junkie, and there isn't a lot that can scare me. So how can one woman with big eyes and dark hair make my stomach flip-flop? I can't get her off my mind, but our mind-blowing hour together is going to have to stay a memory. That is, until her plane is attacked by terrorists and goes down—I know I have to save her.

There's something between us, but the question is, can we stay alive long enough to find out what?


My life is as ordinary as they come, and I keep it that way for a reason. Never mind that I'm bored out of my mind and desperate for something to change. When an offer for a business trip overseas puts a blue-eyed, Greek god of a fighter pilot into my life, I'm not so sure excitement was what I needed.

Especially when the business trip becomes deadly and I have no idea if I'll live long enough to find my sexy pilot again.

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Joint Service

Book Three

I am a warrior not because I always win, but because I always fight...


Sam Rusev is the youngest of the brothers and an Army general. As the biggest of the brothers, he has always felt a need to protect. But the military isn't his career choice forever, and though he rose fast up the ranks, he wants to get out and do something fun with the rest of his life, hopefully with a partner like two of his brothers have.

While on leave for his brothers wedding, Sam is called to a mission at the border of Afghanistan. But not before a night on the town and a chance meeting with a girl who rocks his world. When he finds out she is also going on the same mission as an Army doc, he wonders if he can control his desire for her, and if their passion is too dangerous for them to survive!


Rosa is almost done with her time in the military and is looking forward to spending her days with Doctors Without Borders. But while on her last leave, she meets Sam, and finds out she will be traveling with him in the sandbox of Afghanistan. But when the situation gets hairy really quickly, and she cant seem to keep her desire for Sam or her emotions about it in check, it threatens to spell disaster for both of them. When it all hits the fan, can she keep her head straight, or will love be the thing that ends her?

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Indirect Attack

Coming Soon...

Coming Soon...